2006. április 5., szerda


After a long gap, some re-organization we managed to finalize my itinerary. I am flying to Vancouver with British Airways 8th April, to work for my favourite employer: GMI. The mission is planned to last 2 months, so I am going to watch the FIFA World Cup from Europe - at least i hope so.
I am planning to balance the schedule of my tourist actions during these two months, with a hike on the Grouse Grind, biking in forests, boast trip to Victoria, where the parliament of British Columbia can be found.
You can expect to have some posts tagged "lunch-for-10CAD", "dinner-beer-combo-for-20CAD". You shouldn't wait for "girl-for-100CAD-in-bedroom" and "stepping-into-dog-droppings-again".
In case of need - and proper honorary - i will discover the full area of LHR in not more than 3 hours, without playing "leave-my-backpack-on-the-floor" because of its unhealthy nature (I already know the feeling when a security is fumbling in my underwear, having the backpack-"joke" i am afraid i would get more internal detection :))

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