2006. április 16., vasárnap

Places of interest

Places of interest - only for the work-week.
THE OFFICE - and my windowed cubicle rented from Cristian till he comes back from Seattle.

  • Smiley ahead!
  • Turning right
  • From outside


  • The Sailor Hagar's Brew Pub based on independent reports, provides the best service in British Columbia. It can actually fulfil 50% of my beer needs, waitresses are kind, nice. Best picks: Narvhal, Belgian Wit, 1516 (they have a big screen for hockey, and showing PPV matches as well)
  • Roxy Burger - Good warm-up or chill-out place with wide selections of beer (They have Guiness) located on Granville street.
  • Steamworks - Good burger, fine beer good sight to North Vancouver. Next to the waterfront station gives the place an opportunity for a last beer before the last SeaBus on the way home.

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