2006. április 28., péntek

Whistler - continued

Picture of the week

The Sea to Sky Highway is currently extended to fit the needs of the 2010 Winter Olympics taking place in several locations in an around Vancouver. One of this is the Whistler a small village built for ski addicts or normal ski-tourist. The route is very nice with the Sea on the left and mountains on our right, waterfalls and small lakes. The one on picture is Murrin lake had some nice flowers in it, i offer a beer for the name of this flower. After realiyed that there is no path in the forest to find something else around the lake, we got back to the car. After reaching Whistler we decided to find a place to stay first, and then look around. Well we did it 2-in-1, cause it was hard to find a place to stay for the night, so we check out all the small streets and in the heaviest snowing, Martin got a free room for a reasonable price in the Cascade Lodge. The whole village is prepared for tourism, with shops, bars, and motels. We walked around and tested the beers and checked the ski resorts, and after having a dinner we jumped into the night. Following Jennifers advice we entered Tommy Africa for the night, and it was worth :) I tested a new drink here called Bloody Cesar, which contains Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, cellar-salt, pepper, tomato sauce and vodka its very spicy so after the third one a switched back to drink whiskey. The party was cut half at 2am, so we went back to our room, and fell asleep. (we made some tricks with the elevator in the lodge, but i don't remember all the details... ;) We nearly got a 100 CAD fine not getting back the keys by 10am, we did it at 9:59, and headed North for the Green Lake, which was actually not green, but i think that was because the temperature was low. For record, there is an "airport" on the lake for hydroplanes. Ain't it cool?
After checking the green of a practice golf court next to the lake, we got to the car and steered our car back to North Vancouver. We nearly passed the Shannon Waterfall, but luckily i noticed that, so we stopped there, as well. Getting back to the appartment, we realized, that Duncan organized us a skiing day for Cypress, but we missed it because of our Whistler, we managed to complete this on sunday ... to be continued

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