2007. július 20., péntek


I was trying to avoid to rephrase myself in english, but now i need to open an other dimension in the blog(knight) challenge started by hungarian bloggers.
"The challange is a 5 round knock-out based on objective measurable, however completely meaningless and unfair comparisions"
To demonstrate how unfair these comparisons are: the last round was checking how many times the word "szex" (yes it means sex) is found in your last 10. The less count win.
We ended up with a 1-1 draw with apuska, cause i wrote a comment about the pride parade in Budapest, and using the word homosexual instead of gay. It is now up to the audience/readers to vote me throught this round

you can do it here looking for my hungarian nick Czimi (pronounced as see me)

Standing in front of you, with an open heart slightly covered by a nametag :)

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Névtelen írta...


Névtelen írta...

Well done!
Everyone, vote for Czimi! He definitely deserves it :-)


Névtelen írta...

Ahány szavazatunk volt, mind neked adtuk.:)
Szeretnénk, ha jönnél a Macicsaláddal tovább. Örülnénk, ha neked is lenne hozzá kedved.