2010. szeptember 16., csütörtök

Rather big news

Well, let's see.
Last Tuesday I crossed the Canadian border the fifteenth time (I counted it). Only this time, I crossed it without actually leaving the country. The term is flagpolling, and it took place at the truck crossing.
The number 15 is obviously irrelevant, the real deal was the certificate of my permanent residence I was holding with my passport. All in all, I became a permanent resident - landed immigrant as many of you know it. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the border service agent had to use his cheat sheet to properly conduct the ceremony, which mostly consisted of data verification.
I was thinking about listing my thanks and "gratefuls" to everybody who helped me to get this far, but it would have an Oscar-style feel to it, what I really don't like to allow myself.
Thank you all.

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