2006. május 8., hétfő

live music

This week i coloured my weekday-evenings with live music events. We visited the Roxy Club on tuesday for the "CFOX Canadian Content Concert Series presents Damsel Fly with special guests". For the cover we got free pizza slices and an entry drink as well. THe first band was pretty good (Dasha), but Demsel Fly was playing louder and heavier than my receptors could stand that kind of rock music. After a couple of beers we walked across the street to Caprice with a 80-90' party which was fitting to our needs better. [...] We got home with the last-before Seabus.

For Thursday we accepted Morgan and Rob's invitation to the mexican restaurant 2 blocks from our appartment. I could try CHIMICHANGA finally, and drank Corona which is acceptable if you are sitting in a mexican restaurant. I liked the place and it was a lovely evening.

Friday, we started in Toby's Pub on Commercial, where Miss Jennifer Hershmann was singing the music was extended with a Chicken Quesadilla proven to be a good choice. Its worth to click on the link to get an idea how good Jennifer sings. FYI: She is wearing clothes behind the guitar... :)

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